• Turmeric powder (note: this will stain the skin, but will not harm it; over time, the color will fade) - Starwest Organic is a good choice as opposed to stuff in your kitchen cabinet, which unless you are a curry freak like me :-$might have oxidized.
  • Holy basil (a.k.a. Tulsi). I grow tulsi at home and use crushed tulsi leaves on skin problems but can use either powder or capsules e.g Banyan Botanicals for the former, and Planetary Herbals for the latter.
  • Neem Leaf Powder: I have used both Frontier & Starwest powder as they are good quality are very economical. If you have capsules without any additives, you can use the powder inside the capsules.
  • Goldenseal Root
  • Echinacea
  • Soft edible fat - ghee, butter,or pure coconut oil
  • George's aloe vera juice (George's removes the laxative part of the plant).
  • Lily of the Desert pure aloe vera juice (there is only 1 safe product in this line so check labels assidiously)
  • Herbal extract or tincture - not essential oil (which will burn the skin); good brands include Herb Pharm and Herbalist & Alchemist; even safer is to use glycerine tinctures.
  • Colloidal Silver, which has been shown to possess anti-fungal effects.
  • Strong tea brewed from above-mentioned herbs (2 tsp dried herb to 1 cup of just-boiled water; steep for 20-30 minutes)

Non-herbal alternative home remedy



  • Vit B-complex: 1/12 capsule - Thorne B-Complex #12 (these capsules are teeny, so don't sweat it if you find it hard to measure out such a small amount of these water-soluble B vitamins)
  • Vitamin E 100 IU: GNC Natural E 400 100% natural D-alpha capsules (note: no other GNC E is soy-free, just this one) OR Dr. Ron's Unique E OR Carlson Laboratories d-alpha Gems OR Natural Factors Clear Base E
  • Cod Liver Oil softgel e.g. NOW or Carlson's unflavored - 1/3 softgel providing approx 700IU Vit A and 80-100IU of Vit D
  • Zinc: 4-5 mg
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Carlson's or Nordic Naturals fish oil - 1-2 1,000mg softgels a day
  • Krill oil: NOW - 1 softgel; only NOW specifically states it is soy-free; Twinlab, Olympian, and Natures Way don't list soy but leave it at that.
  • Borage or Evening Primrose oil both contain GLA which has been shown to great for skin issues - 120mg of GLA (which matches up with 1/2 of the 1,050mg total amount listed on NOW's Borage oil bottle)


  • Astragalus (root) - 1/2 - 1 capsule with higher end indicated for more immune-compromised cats
  • Pycnogenol or Grape Seed Extract* - 50mg
  • Neem Leaf - 1/2 capsule 2x a day
  • Holy Basil Leaf - 1/2 capsule 2x a day