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All postings on the Holisticat Community Bulletin Board are only suggestions, given free of charge by people who are trying to help others. Receive them in the spirit in which they are meant.

As your cat's caregiver, it is your sole responsibility to determine whether any advice provided is appropriate for your cat or not.

The site and forum owner is not liable for any damage or loss arising from, or related to, any information contained herein.

The assumption is that a veterinarian is being, or will be, consulted and any advice given in any forum here is to be used as an adjunct to veterinary care, not as a substitute.

If you have an emergency, contact your vet immediately. Please do not pass go, collect $200 etc. or even take time to send a message other than perhaps a post-visit update.

Sometimes people will out of the goodness of their hearts, offer a donation of extra/leftover items such as syringes, fluid set-up materials, medication, and such. Since some of these are prescription items, we cannot endorse any of this and bear no responsibility.
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