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Emails and PM's to moderators and administrators:
Rules/guidelines to go by when it is appropriate to contact us, and when it is not. Please follow these rules!

NOT Appropriate - Emailing or pm-ing mods/admins with kitty-related questions:
Holisticat is a Community. Members are not to contact us privately for help with kitty issues. Please post your questions to the appropriate forum at the Holisticat Community. We are a community, and all questions need to be posted via the forums to receive help – it is how we all learn and benefit.

Appropriate - Consultations:
If you require extra help for your kitty, Sandy can be contacted for a one-on-one private consult ( ). All other kitty-related questions should be posted to the Holisticat Community Forums.

Appropriate - Forum Related Problems:
All other issues, questions, comments, or concerns that are not kitty-specific related, please do contact us via email or pm; we will be very happy to assist you. Examples: problems with the site, another member, to tell us how super we are :), etc. These are the circumstances in which you will receive a personal reply from us.

These rules are not intended to offend anyone. They are meant in the spirit of Holisticat as a Community of loving moms and dads caring for their kitties. By following the above rules the Community as a whole will benefit as intended.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Sandy, Shawn, and Jules
Jules and the Kitty Krew: Abby (18), Maxie (10), and wee little Miss Izzy (8)
Tuffy, mama loves and misses you more than words can express!
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