Tips and Tricks for using the Board

How to register for the forum and pay for your membership so you can read and post messages.

Also Tips and Tricks for navigating the Board including info on avatar resizing.

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We've started this message and will keep adding to it as we learn new ways to make it easier to navigate our way around the Board.

Things in the works are - photo gallery, chat, and possibly the ability to choose a way to read newest posts first in the topic screen. More to come as we now get freed from the drudgery of Yahoo grunt work:)

Tips and Tricks:


First, you will need to have a photo in the appropriate size. You most likely will need to reduce/resize your original photo, otherwise your photo will be difficult to see on the Bulletin Board (BB). The size limit is 100 x 100 pixels. Most photo editing software programs (Photoshop, Photosuite, PictureIt, etc) have the capacity to resize photos. This option is usually located in the menu w/crop, rotate, contrast, etc.

If you do not have photo editing software, you can resize your photo by opening your photo w/â€Â
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