Registration Process and Subscription Information

How to register for the forum and pay for your membership so you can read and post messages.

Also Tips and Tricks for navigating the Board including info on avatar resizing.

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Membership/subscription dues: (non-refundable)
$25 - annual (renewable on 1 yr anniversary of join date)
$10 - per quarter, if that is your preference. Can change to annual any time, and renewal will come up exactly 1 yr following the switching date.

Payment details:
Payment using e-check, credit card, or bank account - do not need to have a PayPal account but will need to click here:

If you wish to send a check, contact Sandy privately for the mailing address:
sndyarora at

Unregistered users can see broad categories and the topics covered, but must register in order to go further.

If you wish to read and/or post, you must first register by choosing a userID and password. Should you ever lose it, you can request it by visiting the Bulletin Board.

Please use a working email address because in order for your registration to be complete, it will have to be validated first by the administrators. Be sure you check your Junk folder in case the welcome message doesn't come to you in 3-4 hrs.

Once registered and validated, you can choose to be a:
Trial user - If your check has not cleared or you haven't yet decided if you wish to be a member and thus have not paid. Trial period is 7 days. During this period, one can read current messages but not post.
Member - Registered for an account, and paid subscription dues. Can read and post messages. If you wish to have access to older posts on our Yahoogroups, feel free to join there (w/ nomail option) until archives get moved over here.

If 1 week after registering and being validated, your membership dues have not been received, your account will be deleted. You can come back at a later date, and join us if you wish.
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