Forum change - Feb 7 - Diseases split into 4 separate fora

Updates for all members, not just those who read msgs on the Bulletin Board. Please check here regularly because we add new features and ya don't want to miss out! :)

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There will be a change in one forum on Friday, Feb 9 midnight Eastern time (GMT - 5hrs). Some more verbiage will be added in each forum to make it easier to decide where to post topics, including a place to post about cat rescue.

Since the "Diseases" forum is so busy, it is going to be split it into 4 separate forums/fora. This should make it even easier to find info on specific health problems.

Digest readers - as soon as possible after Fri midnite, pls log in to the BB, and update your forum choices by clicking on "Digests" in the top row of choices.

Instead of 1 Forum for Diseases, you will now have to click on any or all of the 4 replacement boxes. Otherwise, you will not receive any msgs on these topics:( B/c the digest is an add-on to the BB, there is no way for us to be able to go in and help w/ settings.

For Bulletin Board readers:
Thanks to Jules, and John we've been able to add 2 enhancements that should help make the board easier to navigate:
1. At the top of the screen, next to "Login" is "Recent Postings"
If you click on this, it will show you the last 25 posts to the BB in various fora. Clicking on the 2nd teeny icon below the poster's name will open up the msg on that screen itself. Clicking it again will collapse it. This way you can quickly keep up w/ new posts from just one screen. To respond to the msg, click on the post itself i.e. topic heading.

2. On the topics screen, you can now display the newest posts first by choosing this from the drop-down menu before posts begin. This way you don't have to scroll down all the way to get to the latest messages.

Individual Emails:
Those of you who wish to receive all Board emails in your inbox as soon as they are posted, if you have not heard from me privately, please contact me. I have a workaround in place and can hook you up.

Please be aware that current daily posts volume is in the 70 msg neighborhood, so you will get a lotta emails. However, they will be easy to sort b/c they will have the forum name in the sender field. If you let me know you are interested, then right after I create the new disease forums, I can activate the mailing list and get you started w/ individual email delivery.

Thanks for reading, and for being part of the cat-loving community:) As new changes are made e.g. addition of photo gallery, archives from YG, chat, etc., they will be posted in the Annnouncement section of the BB, so be sure to check that box as well if you are a digest subscriber. Best to all kitty cats from me and the Fab Four.

P.S. here on the BB, in the Getting Started forum you can find answers to some of your questions re avatars, digest settings, posting replies on BB, etc. in "Tips and Tricks for using the Board"
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