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Thank you to all you wonderful folks who have been and continue to be polite and respectful. It is much appreciated:) As you all know I give people a very wide berth, but stealing intellectual property is unacceptable, and nothing hurts me as deeply as what has been occurring.

In response to a rash of recent incidents of copyright violations, am posting the rules here (they are in the Forum Rules already). I want to be very clear so ignorance is not gonna fly as an excuse.

I'm dead serious here, theft is wrong, plain and simple, so no warnings will be given, no talking your way out of it. Any violators will be banned, and never welcome back again in any capacity, period.

Copyright Issues:
Please respect copyright laws with respect to graphics and verbiage from anyone or any site when posting to the Holisticat Forum Community. Ideally, post just the URL with a short quote or a summary/synopsis, not entire passages with or without attribution. If permission is required – get it prior to posting.

All information contained within the Holisticat Community Forum (and Yahoo groups) is copyrighted. Permission must be obtained from Sandy, Jules, Shawn, or the message author for it to be reproduced.

This being a private, members-only forum participants have an expectation of privacy which must be respected if you wish to remain a part of it.

Copying/reproducing and/or forwarding of messages posted on the Holisticat Community Forum (including material from yahoo groups from 2005- ) to any other individual, forum, site, list, or group is prohibited.

The same consideration should be given for all the material gathered by our members, past or present. It's intellectual theft to pass off the work done by others as one's own.

Bottom line - Do *not* quote or in any way reproduce any of our posts (current or archived) at all, ever, even with author's name included. Writers have a right to know where their words are being published and attribution must be given. Always ask for permission first. This is required, not optional.

Failure to comply with these basic copyright rule is grounds for removal from the Community.

If you have any questions about what's kosher and what's not, ask Sandy, Jules, or Shawn.
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