Photo Gallery is up:)

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Post Number:#1  Postby booeymom » Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:22 am

The photo gallery has been installed and ready for photos to be uploaded.

Click on the "Album" option in the top row of choices.
Then on "Your Personal Gallery"
Followed by "Create Personal Gallery"

You can then click on the "Upload Pic" button and put all your photos in one place, or create a "New Folder" for each kitty.

Browse your hard drive to upload your pix; there is also a download option if you have pix stored on a website. You can move, delete, or edit photos once uploaded.

Also, you can set any cat in your Album as your avatar w/o first resizing; it'll do it automatically. Click on the last line under the photo titled "Set as Avatar" to do so.

Hope you like the gallery feature! Looking fwd to seeing everyone's kitty cats :D
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